'Profound...A Salvo Blast'

'A blistering examination of...how countries shape narratives. Must-see'

'The best documentary film ever made in Israel'

'Chilling and Blood Boiling'

Israelis call it ‘The War of Independence’
Palestinians call it ‘Al-Nakba’ (The Catastrophe)
Tantura is a documentary film that brings viewers an intimate portrait of Israeli society and its inability to confront its founding myths.
This is the story of the 1948 war between Jews and Palestinians, and the silencing of graduate student Teddy Katz who in the late 1990’s exposed an alleged massacre that took place in the Palestinian village of Tantura only one week after the founding of the state of Israel.

Photo: Beno Rothenberg Collection

Director Alon Schwarz  |  Producers  Shaul Schwarz, Alon Schwarz, Maiken Baird  |  Writers  Alon Schwarz, Shaul Schwarz, Halil Efrat

Editors Halil Efrat, Amir Sevilla, Sagi Bornstein  |  Cinematographers Or Azulay, Avner Shahaf, Yonatan Weitzman, Ilya Magnes

Original Music Composers  Ophir Leibovitch, Yaniv Fridel, Ofer Shabi  |  Research Teddy Katz, Shay Fogelman, Alon Sahar, Sami El Ali

Executive Producers Ian Orefice, Mike Beck, Steve Cohen, Paula Froehle, Jamie Wolf, Nathalie Seaver, Barbara Dobkin, Eric Dobkin

All rights reserved Breaking Silence LLC